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Book no.1
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12 year-old Tracy can't imagine the threads of her personal story intertwining with those of a leopard named Harriet, but moving to her Great Aunt Lynette's farm makes it happen. 
At first, Tracy feels distant from the stern old lady, but things change with the appearance of a stray cat. With the help of Kitty, her neighbor, Mallory, and a conservation warden named Jamie, love grows between Tracy and her aunt, and a friendship blooms among the unlikely group. And when Kitty and Tracy explore a nearby wooded canyon, the adventure that follows carries Harriet's legacy forward in unique and life-affirming ways.

Inspired in part by true events, A PLACE FOR YOU is a story of growth in love, friendship, and courage.

A Place For You holds special appeal for girls and for cat lovers.

Book no.2
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Big Mama has a family of active cubs to raise,

even as a new threat emerges.

12 year-old Tracy has places to explore, things

to discover, and her first 5K race to run.

Aunt Lynette, Mallory, and Jamie provide guidance,

love, and support, helping Tracy to thrive.

And Tracy’s wonderful friend, Kitty, is there watching

over them all.

A Place to Grow picks up where A Place For You left off,

and will leave readers cheering for this uniquely blended 

family of humans and cats!

A Place to Grow is joyful, appealing to cat lovers, and empowering for girls.

Book no.3
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While exploring the Baraboo Hills, 12 year-old Mark Jamison and his 10 year-old brother, Barry, make an incredible discovery. Unleashing forces that bridge two worlds, the boys travel 11,000 years into Wisconsin's Ice Age past. In a land of giants, they come to know mastodons and Paleo Indians. Together, they undertake a journey that will challenge their survival and forever impact their hearts.

Journeys; An Ice Age Adventure is a story unlike any other. Through its well-researched information, the book offers a window on the plants, animals, and people of Wisconsin's Ice Age landscape. Even more compelling is the imaginative, fun, and dramatic adventure that touches readers' hearts and has them turning page after page.

Journeys; An Ice Age Adventure strongly appeals to boys and reluctant readers who enjoy stories of animals, adventure, and friendship.



A kidnapping...
The attack of an Ice Age cat...
One seriously large Paleo Indian man...
An immigrant boy abused by two bullies...
A series of dreams...
All of these and more come together when Mark and Barry Jamison return to Ice Age Wisconsin.
This time they are on a journey with friends to help friends.
And this time, it’s more than an adventure, it’s an Ice Age rescue!

Both a sequel and stand-alone novel, Journeys 2; An Ice Age Rescue makes a great classroom read-aloud with themes touching on bullying and acceptance of differences.

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